Divorce Real Estate Help

Free Title Report and property valuation

This is your most important first step when there is real estate involved in your divorce!! Receive a free property profile title report from one of our title company partners (First American Title Co.) along with a free property valuation. The very important first step regarding real estate and divorce is to review the title on your home or property. There are often problems with title that occur prior, during and after a divorce which can harm your ability to sell , transfer or refinance.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of this divorce real estate help website and blog is to provide guidance to those who are considering a divorce, in the process of a divorce or are already divorced in making decisions regarding the sale, purchase or transfer of real estate. You may freely contact us with questions knowing that your question will be answered privately with your name and any other contact information kept as strictly confidential to the highest degree.

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Complimentary Attorney consultation

Would you like a complimentary consultation with an excellent and experienced divorce attorney? If you would find this helpful then just email me and I will contact you to make an appointment with one of the attorneys I often work with who has over 30 years of divorce experience. He is a very excellent, reputable and good attorney and as such can be quite busy at times, so please let me know several times that you are available to speak with him

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Do you and your spouse want to keep your money in your own pockets rather than giving it all away to the lawyers and the courts? I will help show you the way. “ Cooperate with your spouse, come to a meeting of the minds about your house!” walkthrough